Schedule for Poster Presentations

Morning Presentations: 10:20 - 11:00 - Session I


Geoff Nagy, Andrew Winton, Jacky Baltes and John Anderson

An Event-Driven Operating System for Servomotor Control


Tomoichi Takahashi and Masaru Shimizu

How can the RoboCup Rescue Simulation contribute to emergency preparedness in real-world disaster situations?


Elizabeth Mamantov, William Silver, William Dawson and Eric Chown

RoboGrams: A Lightweight Message Passing Architecture for RoboCup Soccer


Rodrigo Ventura and Aamir Ahmad

Towards Optimal Robot Navigation in Domestic Spaces


Jose Sanchez, Sven Schneider and Paul Ploeger

Safely Grasping with Complex Dexterous Hands by Tactile Feedback


Emanuele Bastianelli, Luca Iocchi, Daniele Nardi, Giuseppe Castellucci, Danilo Croce and Roberto Basili

RoboCup@Home Spoken Corpus: Using Robotic Competitions for Gathering Datasets


G.Y.R. Schropp, J-J. Ch. Meyer and S. Ramamoorthy

A Formalization of the Coach Problem


Tomoichi Takahashi and Masaru Shimizu

Is that Robot Allowed to Play in Human versus Robot Soccer Games - Laws of the Game for Achieving the RoboCup Dream -


David Freelan, Drew Wicke, Keith Sullivan and Sean Luke

Towards Rapid Multi-robot Learning from Demonstration at the RoboCup Competition


Luis Oliveira and Luis Almeida

RF-based Relative Position Estimation in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks with Confidence Regions


Carlos Quintero, Saith Rodriguez, Katherin Perez, Jorge Lopez, Eyberth Rojas and Juan Calderon

Learning Soccer Drills for the Small Size League of RoboCup


Saith Rodriguez, Eyberth Rojas, Katherin Perez, Jorge Lopez Jimenez, Carlos Quintero and Juan Calderon

Fast Path Planning Algorithm for the RoboCup Small Size League


Leandro Martins, Roberta Pretto, Reinhard Gerndt and Rodrigo Guerra

Design of a Modular Series Elastic Upgrade to a Robotics Actuator


Danny Zhu, Joydeep Biswas and Manuela Veloso

Real-Robot Soccer Automated Refereeing for Human Refereeing Support and Team Behavior Evaluation

Afternoon Presentations: 16:30 - 17:10 - Session II


Vincent Hugel and Nicolas Jouandeau

Analytical Solution for Joint Coupling in NAO Humanoid Hips


Hamid Reza Shafei, Prof. Mohsen Bahrami, Soroush Sadeghnejad and Prof. Jacky Baltes

A Comparative Study and Development of a Passive Robot with Improved Stability


Huimin Lu, Qinghua Yu, Dan Xiong, Junhao Xiao and Zhiqiang Zheng

Object Motion Estimation Based on Hybrid Vision for Soccer Robots in 3D Space


Jacky Baltes, Chris Iverach-Brereton and John Anderson

Human Inspired Control of a Small Humanoid Robot in Highly Dynamic Environments or Jimmy Darwin Rocks the Bongo Board


Luis Mota, Joao Fabro, Luis Paulo Reis and Nuno Lau

Collaborative Behavior in Soccer: The Setplay Free Software Framework


Ahmet Erdem and H. Levent Akin

Multi-Robot Localization by Observation Merging


Alina Trifan, Antonio J. R. Neves, Bernardo Cunha and Jose Luis Azevedo

UAVision: A modular time-constrained vision library for soccer robots


Andre Dias, Jose Almeida, Pedro Lima and Eduardo Silva

Uncertainty based Multi-Robot Cooperative Triangulation


Yuji Nunome, Kazuhito Murakami, Masahide Ito, Kunikazu Kobayashi and Tadashi Naruse

A Method to Estimate Ball's State of Spin by Image Processing for Improving Strategies in the RoboCup Small-Size-robot League


Joydeep Biswas and Manuela Veloso

Model-Instance Object Mapping


Paulo Dias, João Silva, Rafael Castro and António J. R. Neves

Detection of aerial balls using a Kinect sensor


Leonardo Leottau, Carlos Celemin and Javier Ruiz-Del-Solar

Ball Dribbling for Humanoid Biped Robots: A Reinforcement Learning and Fuzzy Control approach


Mohammadhossein Malmir, Shahin Boluki and Saeed Shiry Ghidary

Offensive Positioning Based on Maximum Weighted Bipartite Matching and Voronoi Diagram


Mike Depinet, Patrick MacAlpine and Peter Stone

Keyframe Sampling, Optimization, and Behavior Integration: Towards Long-Distance Kicking in the RoboCup 3D Simulation League


Nima Shafii, Nuno Lau and Luis Paulo Reis

Generalized Learning to Create an Energy Efficient ZMP-Based Walking