Associate Professor 
Department of Industrial Engineering 
Centro Universitário da FEI



·       2009 – present - Associate Professor at Centro Universitário da FEI

·       2015 - 2016    Postdoc - Chalmers University Technology (Shipping and Marine Technology)

·       2005 - 2006  Postdoc - Ohio State University – USA (Department of Marketing and Logistics)

·       1999 - 2004       PhD -Fundação Getúlio Vargas Business School– Brazil (Operation Management)

·       1990 - 1993       Master - Fundação Getúlio Vargas Business School - Brazil (Operation Management)                                                                                                        

·       1984 - 1989       Industrial Engineering – UFSCar - Brazil 


Journal Publications

Working paper

SAMPAIO, M. & LEE, Y. 2016. Evaluation of a heuristic for train pathing and timetabling problem: a single-track Brazilian railway case study. Transportation.

SAMPAIO, M. & LIPPI, G. 2016. The impact of data source and demand aggregation level on the accuracy of the forecast. International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management.

SAMPAIO, M., MASSOTE, A., NETO, L., HÄGG, M. & LIND, M. 2016. A methodology to assess the impact of Sea Traffic Management on a berth-to-berth link. Journal of Business Logistics.

Refereed Journal

SAMPAIO, E. Q. D. & SAMPAIO, M. 2015. Managerial Response to Stockouts: the effect of remedies on consumer behavior. Production Journal.

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