Plinio Aquino

Plinio Thomaz Aquino Junior

Bachelor's in Computer Science
Doctorate in Digital Systems Engineering
Full-time Professor
Head of the Department of Computer Science
Coordinator of the Computer Science Course
Supervisor in the Graduate Program in Electrical Engineering at FEI
Member of the Applied Artificial Intelligence in Automation and Robotics Group (IAAAR)
Project Coordinator for Robotic Competitions RoboCup@Home

Computer Science

In the ever-evolving landscape, Computer Science emerges as the catalyst for the future. From pioneering IoT that connects our world, to crafting intuitive Human-Machine Interfaces that elevate interactions. Robotics advances, from home service bots to cutting-edge AI-driven automations. This field shapes industries, propels innovation, and holds boundless potential for a tech-driven tomorrow.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) interconnects devices, enabling seamless data exchange for smarter decisions, automation, and enriched experiences. 

Service Robotics

Home Service Robotics: Innovating daily life with autonomous machines that clean, assist, and make homes smarter and more convenient. 

Human-Machine Interaction and Interface

Human-Machine Interaction & UX: Bridging technology and people through intuitive interfaces, creating seamless experiences that enhance usability and satisfaction. 
Plinio RoboCup

About Me

Graduated in Computer Science from the Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar) in 1998. Master's degree in Computer Science from UFSCar, specializing in Software Engineering, in 2001. Master's research conducted in cooperation between Germany and Brazil at the German National Research Center for Information Technology in Sankt Augustin, Germany. Earned a Doctorate in Electrical Engineering, specializing in Digital Systems, from the Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo (EP-USP) in 2008. Doctoral thesis was developed at the Technology and Software Laboratory in the Department of Computer Engineering and Digital Systems (PCS) at EP-USP and applied in a Research Project of the State Government of São Paulo (e-Poupatempo).

Contributed as a mentor in the Professional Master's Program in Computer Engineering at the Institute of Technological Research (IPT) from 2011 to 2019. Joined the FEI University Center - "Fundação Educacional Inaciana Padre Sabóia de Medeiros" in 2003. Devotes time as a Full-time Professor and Coordinator of the Department of Computer Science at FEI, along with serving as a mentor for Master's and Doctoral students in the Graduate Program in Electrical Engineering at FEI, within the Applied Artificial Intelligence in Automation and Robotics Group (IAAAR). Responsible for the Robotic Competitions Project RoboCup@Home as part of the RoboFEI Team. Primarily engaged in the following areas: Human-Computer Interaction, Human Factors, Human-Robot Interaction, Internet of Things, Software Engineering, Intelligent Systems, Adaptive Interfaces, and Intelligent Autonomous Robotics.

Plinio Thomaz Aquino Junior
FINEP - Health

Financiadora de Estudos e Projetos divulga resultado de chamada pública MCT/FINEP/SAÚDE TELESSAÚDE E TELEMEDICINA

Plinio Thomaz Aquino Junior

Produtos Inteligentes Rastreáveis e Interoperabilidade na Cadeia de Fornecedores da Indústria Automotiva com Aplicação a Pneus Sensorizados -  Pneu IoT

Smart Water Management Platform

IoT based methods and approaches for smart water management in precision irrigation domain, and pilots them in Italy, Spain, and Brazil

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Plinio Thomaz Aquino Junior

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