In an interview, Arthur C. Clarke was asked what is the greatest invention of the twentieth century. Without any hesitation he answered:

"Well, the greatest invention of the twentieth century is just happening now, and it hasn't entirely happened, but it will have happened by the end of the twentieth century. It is Artificial Intelligence. With AI we are going to be able to do almost every thing that we have envisioned and conceived of and need to do - be it interstellar space travel of finding extraterrestrial life or what-you-have. And it will be the ultimate and most pratical and important technology - not only for the twentieth century, but maybe ever - in terms of the evolution of mankind"

Besides Arthur C. Clarke's works, I have interest in many other authors such as Asimov, Marion Zimmer Bradley's Darkover, Frederik Pohl, Poul Anderson, Stanislaw Lem, Ray Bradbury, Kim Stanley Robinson, Cyril KornBluth, Heinlein, ...

I am not catholic or much religious, but this path is worth visiting when in São Paulo (link in Portuguese).

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