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For over 80 years FEI University has been committed to providing quality education.

A high-profile teaching staff and course structures strongly focused on theoretical knowledge and on experimental/practical activities provide the students excellent development conditions in their areas of study.

In addition to promoting the technical-scientific education and the research development, FEI University offering to its students an ethical, human and social view that, integrated to the intellectual education, supports build a professional profile in tune with the needs of the society and market.

FEI University encourages the development of teaching and academic projects by students and faculty, offering a high quality infrastructure, with a computerized library, laboratories and research centers.

FEI University

In 1941 one intellectual, dynamic and entrepreneur Jesuit, Father Roberto Sabóia de Medeiros, founded in the city of São Paulo the Superior School of Business Administration, ESAN. As there was no faculties in this segment in Brazil, Fr. Sabóia used as a model the "Graduate School of Business Administration" of the Harvard University, settling the formal beginning of the specific Administration studies in the country.

A few years later, in 1946, anticipating the changes that would occur in the productive processes of the Brazilian industry, Fr. Sabóia founded the Faculty of Industrial Engineering (FEI), a pioneer educational institution in this field. In the 70s, FEI's engineering courses were transferred to São Bernardo do Campo. Later, in 1999, the School of Computing (FCI) was founded, offering the course of Computer Science. In 2002 became the FEI University, an institution maintained by the Ignatian Educational Foundation Fr. Sabóia de Medeiros.

As a confessional institution, in line with the principles of the Society of Jesus, FEI manifests its Catholic, Christian, Jesuit (Ignatian) identity, comprised in the tradition that characterizes the origin of the catholic universities. Also considered as centers of creativity and knowledge dissemination aimed at the good of humanity, prioritizing the comprehensive education of the human being and strengthening the teaching of humanism, ethics and citizenship.


The FEI University has campuses in São Bernardo do Campo and São Paulo where undergraduate courses are offered in Administration and Computer Science, as well as in the seven Engineering areas. Moreover, FEI offers specialization, continuing education and extension courses, and stricto sensu graduate (“Masters”) classes in Administration, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, in addition to Doctorates in Administration and Electrical Engineering.



Computer Science

Automation and Control Engineering

Chemical Engineering


Electrical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Materials Engineering

Production Engineering

Robotics Engineering


Administration (Master and Doctorate)

Electrical Engineering (Master and Doctorate)

Mechanical Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Campus São Bernardo do Campo
Av. Humberto de Alencar Castelo Branco, 3.972
Bairro Assunção - São Bernardo do Campo - SP

Campus São Paulo
Rua Tamandaré, 688 – Liberdade - São Paulo - SP

Study at FEI

All undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in institutions that have an exchange agreement with FEI are invited to apply for the Exchange Program. Usually international students choose to carry on their mobility for 06 months or 01 year, using this time to deepen their studies and experience the Brazilian culture.

The first step for the international student to participate the Exchange Program at FEI is to be nominated by his/her home University. If you are interested about to study at FEI, talk to the international relations office (or equivalent) from your home University.

After the nomination, the documents listed below shall be presented by the home institution to internacional@fei.edu.br

Deadlines for Application

Tuition and fees

Students from partner universities exempt from tuition fees. Free Movers students will be required to pay the full tuition and fees according to the courses attended at FEI.

Language Requirements

All courses are taught in Portuguese.
No Portuguese proficiency test is required. Despite of that, it is extremely important to emphasize that it is mandatory for the student to have an intermediate/advanced knowledge in Portuguese language in order to attend classes and follow other academic activities.

NOTE: Health Insurance is mandatory for the enrollment.

Upon the arrival, students will be asked to present the insurance policy that covers medical expenses, exams, hospital charges and repatriation of remains. The insurance policy must be in English, Spanish, French, Italian or Portuguese.

Infrastructure and Services

Building A: Rectory, Superintendence and Administrative Department, Events and Transport Sector, General Secretariat, Audiovisual Sector, Communication and Marketing Sector, Human Resources Sector, Library and Study Rooms.

Building B: Departmental Coordination, Bank, Internships and Jobs Sector, Student Study Centers, Athletic Association, Campus Ministry, Students Central Board, Study Rooms.

Building C: Food Court, Photocopy Services, First Aid Post, Academic Board.

Building D: Laboratories - Electrical Engineering, Physics, Robotics and Automation and Control, Classrooms, Scholarship Sector, Department of Scientific Initiation, International Relations Office, Own Commission for Evaluation, Inspection and Occupational Safety.

Building E: Laboratories – Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Testing and the Textile Research Center.

Building F: Laboratories – Civil Engineering, General Services.

Building G: Laboratories – Chemistry.

Building H: Research Institute, Laboratory, Food Court and Photocopy Services

Building I: Classrooms and Laboratory of Fluid Mechanics

Building J: Classrooms and Laboratory of Fluid Mechanics

Building K: Classrooms, Computer Laboratories, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Laboratories, Automation and Control Laboratories, Digital Manufacturing Laboratory, Coordination of Informatics, Information Technology Laboratory, Graduate Programs.

Building K: Classrooms, Computer Laboratories, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Laboratories, Automation and Control Laboratories, Digital Manufacturing Laboratory, Coordination of Informatics, Information Technology Laboratory, Graduate Programs.

Building N: Pool and Gym   Building U: Sports Center

Building P: Water Tank Tower

Building R: Santo Inácio de Loyola Chapel

Building S: Sports Gymnasium

Building T: Institute of Specialization in Administrative Sciences andTechnological.

Useful Information


In Brazil most of the institutions do not provide on-campus accommodation, but FEI University has organized a program within the institution, with the students, for Hosting International Students. It is an extremely helpful experience since the foreigners can interact with local people, learn about the country, local culture and practice the Portuguese language. The FEI University is not responsible financially or legally for the student houses. Each international student must negotiate and clarify all details regarding the accommodation with the owner.

For more information, you can contact us at internacional@fei.edu.br

Moreover, we advise students to stay in a hotel or hostel upon arrival in Brazil, which will allow them to visit the student houses before decide the best option. Here follows some suggestions:

Ibis Budget SBC

Praça Samuel Sabatini, 234 Centro, SBC - SP
CEP: 09750-700.
Fone: + 55 11 4380-7210


Twin Towers Flat

Rua Santa Filomena,
999 – Centro.
CEP: 09710060
Fone: +55 (11) 2155-7700


Astron Saint Moritz

Rua João Pessoa, 124. Centro – S. B. do Campo.
CEP: 09715-000
Fone: +55 (11) 2666-0662


Pampas Palace Hotel

Av. Barão de Mauá, 71.
Km 18 da Via Anchieta.
CEP: 09726-000
Fone: +55 (11) 4122-2000



"My name is Quentin. I did a semester at the FEI, it's an experience that I loved, the infrastructure it’s very good. There are laboratories and tools are available if we have any projects. Having a sporting activity is very easy thanks to the swimming pool, the weight room and all the sports offered by the association. The students are always ready to help us and have discussions, it’s very easy to make friends in the lessons (because some are in the form of a project), the sports activities and the organized evenings at FEI. The student life is great (of course the courses are interesting too)

"Quentin Chamaret - Engineering Student - France"

Cost of Living

The average cost of living in São Bernardo is approximately per month:

– Accommodation (apartment with 02 rooms near to FEI): BRL 2,000 – 3,000

– Food: BRL 1.000,00 – 2.000,00

– Transportation: BRL 245,00 – 280,00

For more information, please visit the websites:

Student Visa - VITEM IV

This type of visa is intended for foreign students travelling to Brazil to undertake the following activities: regular courses, study exchange or research exchange.

- Regular courses comprise primary and secondary levels of education; undergraduate and postgraduate degrees (specialisation, master's and doctor's degrees); technical and language courses. Regular courses must be offered by education institutions that hold a Corporate Taxpayer Identification Number (CNPJ);

– Study or research exchanges involve the improvement of academic qualification by sharing knowledge and experiences within the academic environment, such as: participation in "sandwich" and university collaboration programmes, carrying out part of the master's / doctor's research, doing one's compulsory undergraduate / postgraduate study module abroad (commonly called "year abroad", often the third year);

– Foreign nationals travelling to Brazil for post-doctoral research / studies must apply for a VITEM I, not a VITEM IV, as they are classified as researchers, not students;

- For studies or exchanges with duration of up to 90 days, the applicant must request a Visitor Visa (VIVIS).

For visa procedure, please contact the Brazilian Embassy in your country.