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X SEMINATEC will be held at Centro Universitário da FEI, in the city of São Bernardo do Campo.

Located in the Metropolitan area of São Paulo in São Paulo State, Brazil, São Bernardo do Campo is a city founded by João Ramalho in 1553. It is located on a tributary of the Tiete River. Once a farm owned by the Benedictine monks, São Bernardo do Campo has seen an influx of immigrants like the Italian and the Japanese.

Occupying an area of 157.2 square miles, it is located in the Mountain Range of the sea and has a humid subtropical climate.

Relying on the automobile manufacturing industry for its economic growth, the city has the headquarters of the first vehicle manufactures like Volkswagen and Land rover. Other important industries are of furniture and chemicals.

There is plenty of attractive restaurants of several cuisines and an enormous lake used for aquatic sports. São Bernardo do Campo is also very close to the São Paulo State seaside.

São Bernardo do Campo is the second most populous city in São Paulo State with a population of 746,718 as per the census of 2010. See São Bernardo do Campo weather forecast here.

Centro Universitário da FEI

Av. Humberto de Alencar Castelo Branco, 3972 - São Bernardo do Campo - Brazil

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Campus FEI

Campus FEI

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